By Sean Stannard, DDS
November 28, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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Would you like to straighten your teeth or improve your bite but don't want to deal with the limitations of traditional metal or ceramic braces? The Invisalign brace system offers a better way to improve your smile. Dr. Sean Stannard and Dr. David Studt, your Waterford, MI dentists at Stannard & Studt & Wolf, explain how the Invisalign system works.

No more wires and brackets

For years, the only way to realign the position of teeth was by attaching wires and brackets to them. Although traditional braces offer a very effective way to align teeth, many people hate the thought of wearing a mouthful of metal for several years. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear, removable aligner trays instead of wires and brackets. Every two weeks, you'll begin wearing new aligners created just for you.

Computerized technology with your Waterford, MI dentists

Before you receive your first set of aligners, your dentist creates a 3-D image of your teeth using the special Invisalign software. The image is compiled from X-rays, dental impressions and photographs of your mouth. Manipulating the image on the screen allows him to design the series of trays that will correct your alignment problem.

A solution that fits your lifestyle

Traditional braces require a lot of care. You must avoid eating hard or sticky foods to prevent damages to the wires and brackets and need to increase the amount of time you spend on oral hygiene to keep your wires free of food debris. Caring for Invisalign braces isn't nearly as time intensive. Since you'll remove them to eat, you won't have to worry about food getting caught in them. Brushing and flossing as easy as ever. Once you finish brushing, you'll simply rinse your trays and put them back in your mouth.

Your clear aligner trays are designed to be unnoticeable, but there still may be times when you would rather not wear them. Luckily, you can remove them for a few hours to play your favorite sport or take them out for an important photograph or special event. Although they can be removed occasionally, it's important to wear the aligners for 20 hours per day for best results.

Why not let Invisalign transform your smile? Call Dr. Stannard and Dr. Studt, your Waterford, MI dentists at Stannard & Studt & Wolf, at (248) 673-7300 to schedule an appointment.


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