By Sean Stannard, DDS
July 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Thanks to dental crowns, there's no need to live with a damaged tooth. Our Waterford, MI, dentists, Dr. Sean Stannard and Dr. David Studtdental crowns of Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry, explain how crowns can improve and protect your smile.

What do crowns do?

Crowns help keep fragile teeth from falling apart and restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth. Crowns, or caps as they're commonly called, are an excellent option when a tooth is damaged. The restorations slip on top of damaged teeth, encasing them completely in porcelain, resin or other tough and durable materials.

Dental crowns are a good choice if you've broken a tooth

Crowns are ideal for restoring broken teeth. Although ignoring a broken tooth is certainly an option, breaks in teeth can cause extreme sensitivity. Every time a blast of air passes over the tooth, or you eat or drink something hot or cold, you may experience a jolt of pain. It's also much more difficult to chew and bite foods with a broken tooth. Adding a crown to the tooth improves its appearance and allows you to use it once again for eating. Because dental crowns are made from an impression of your mouth, they fit the gap in your smile perfectly.

Crowns protect at-risk teeth

Crowns also prevent damage from occurring. They're often used to:

  • Prevent Cracks and Breaks: Large fillings and root canals remove decayed, inflamed or infected portions of your teeth. Although these procedures are very beneficial, they weaken teeth. Weak teeth may also be a trait you've inherited from your parents. If brittle teeth run in your family, we may recommend a crown when you visit our Waterford office. Crowns strengthen fragile teeth and prevent them from cracking or breaking.
  • Stop Cracks from Growing: Cracks don't usually stay the same size. Even if you try to avoid chewing on a cracked tooth, sooner or later, it may fracture. Crowns protect your cracked teeth and decrease the likelihood that they'll break.

Would you like to find out if you're a good candidate for a crown? Make an appointment with Dr. Stannard and Dr. Studt of Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry in Waterford, MI.


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