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March 24, 2016
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If you've been missing a tooth for a while, or a dentist has recommended that one of your teeth be extracted, you may be concerned about how the absence affects your appearance. The good news is at Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry in Waterford, MI, dental implantsDental Implants are offered as a long-lasting and realistic replacement for natural teeth. Learn more about them here.

Dental implant basics

Dental implants are a three-part structure that can replace one or more natural teeth. The first portion of the dental implant is the post, which is a small piece of titanium with grooves around it. It will be placed under the gumline where your missing tooth once was by your Waterford dentist. Once the bone has grown around it, it becomes very similar in stability to a healthy tooth's root. At this point, the abutment will be affixed to the top of the implant. This is another even smaller piece of titanium that serves a very important purpose: connecting the post with the topmost and only visible portion of the implant, the crown. Posts can be used to attach one crown or several, depending on how many teeth need replaced.

Questions about dental implants

Naturally, many of our patients at Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry in Waterford have questions about dental implants. One of the most frequent questions we hear is "Do they hurt?" The good news is that the vast majority of people who have had dental implant placement compare the process of implanting the post to having a cavity filled. There will be a few days afterwards that will require some healing, but the mouth is excellent at regeneration and will not take long to return to normal.

Other patients inquire about the maintenance. Dental implants are not only beautifully designed, they are also low-maintenance. They can be brushed and flossed like any other tooth, and regular checkups at our Waterford office will make sure that your dental implants are secure.

If you'd like to learn more about restoring your smile with dental implants, contact Stannard & Studt and & Wolf Dentistry in Waterford, MI to set up a consultation with one of our skilled dentists.


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