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Are you a candidate for braces?

If your teeth are too close together, crooked, protruding, have gaps in them or are out of alignment, you are an ideal candidate for corrective dental braces. Dental braces do more than offer an improved and flawless smile; they can also prevent problems in the future. Crowded or crooked teeth can prohibit thorough and proper cleaning which will result in tooth decay, gum disease and possibly tooth loss. Misaligned teeth can also cause serious problems by affecting your ability to chew and speak correctly. Teeth that are off center can also wear down the enamel on your teeth and cause jaw discomfort.

Dental spacing is hereditary

Most people inherit their dental spacing issues from their parents. However, there are some patients whose dental conditions are caused by tongue thrusting, early tooth loss, thumb sucking or mouth breathing. These conditions begin to manifest themselves in the formative ages of 6-12-years old, at which time permanent teeth begin to appear. However, it is important to wait until all the permanent teeth have come in to start thinking about dental braces, typically between the ages of 8-14. Adults can also benefit from dental braces to correct malocclusion issues, but the process may take longer because the facial bones have stopped growing and dental braces alone may not be able to fix the problem.

Advances in technology make braces much easier!

Dental braces used to be very uncomfortable and bulky, but with increasing advancements in dentistry, they have not only become more comfortable but less noticeable, much to the relief of teenagers everywhere. Braces are comprised of brackets and arch wires. The brackets are made out of metal, ceramic or composite and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Arch wires are attached to the brackets in order to slowly force the teeth into the correct position. These wires are more flexible and comfortable than those used in the past.

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