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Computer Digital Radiography | Dentists in Waterford MI

There are many dental conditions that are undetectable by the naked eye, which is why it is important to utilize computer digital radiography. X-rays are a necessary part of exceptional dental care. Not having regular x-rays could lead to an undiagnosed disease that may have been highly treatable if caught in the early stages.

Faster and Safer

Computer digital radiography is becoming a popular dental tool because it can produce radiographs in real time, unlike conventional film x-rays. Digital radiography also decreases your exposure to radiation between 60-80 percent. Even though this is a much more advanced technology, the actual costs of computer digital radiography is considerably less than conventional x-rays. No longer does the practice have to endure the high costs of the labor and record-keeping associated with conventional film x-rays, nor does the practice have to maintain a chemical processor and darkroom. Lower costs for the practice result in lower costs for our patients! There is also the elimination of purchasing and disposing of the film and the environmentally hazardous chemicals that are used to develop the film. In every aspect, computer digital radiography is a vast improvement!

The Benefits

So how does this new technology benefit our patients? Without an x-ray of the whole tooth, supporting bone and gum tissues, there is no real way to detect infection or pathology that requires immediate dental care. With computer digital radiography, the dentists at Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry will have a better view of your teeth, tissue and bones and will even be able to enhance the images for a better diagnosis of any dental concerns. Basically, digital radiography allows us to serve our patients better and give them higher quality care.

The Latest Technology

Stannard & Studt & Wolf Dentistry is a dental care facility that utilizes the latest technology and innovative procedures to deliver the best possible care to our patients. Call today for a free dental consultation!

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