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The idea of dentures might be pretty scary to some folks as they imagine not being able to enjoy the foods they once loved or fear the way they talk might become altered. But those fears should be put to rest because with the specialized dentistry of Stannard & Studt & Wolf, you know you are receiving quality care and expert service.

Is it time to talk about dentures?

When bone loss or excessive tooth decay causes loose or missing teeth, it is time to talk to your dentist about dentures. There are many different types of dentures, but they share their common function, which is to provide your mouth with structure, support remaining teeth, and allow you to carry on your eating and talking as if nothing has changed.
Bone loss around the roots of your teeth is the primary cause for dentures, especially in older individuals. Just like with any missing teeth, not filling in the gaps can have detrimental effects on the rest of your mouth, including shifting teeth and neglect of hygiene which could lead to gum disease. It is important to talk with your dentist about what to expect when you are fitted for dentures.

Getting fitted is easy

The process of getting fitted for dentures is quite simple. Your dentist will examine your entire mouth and make a determination as to which teeth will have to be removed and which will remain. Under anesthesia, the loose teeth will be extracted. Your dentures will be fitted to go over or around whatever teeth remain in the mouth, depending on the type of dentures.
It is obvious that there will be a period of adjustment to your new dentures, but we assure you that with some time and patience, you will get use to them. Once you have become completely accustomed to the dentures, you will regain all the normal functionality and appearance of natural teeth and carry on business as usual. For extra confidence and ease of usage, implants can be used to further stabilize the dentures.

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